American Modern Manufactured Home Insurance

Financial Protection for a Manufactured Home

Manufactured Homeowners should consider having a mobile home insurance policy with American Modern manufactured home insurance for financial protection when a disaster occurs. While many insurance companies refuse to write policies for a manufactured home, American Modern Manufactured Insurance Company helps customers protect their investment with high-quality homeowner’s policies. Customers have counted on American Modern to offer mobile home insurance for over 50 years because American Modern Insurance Group Inc., headquartered in Amelia, Ohio understands the importance of mobile home living. Long ago, American Modern manufactured and financed mobile homes, leading to also offering affordable insurance policies. Today, there are numerous varieties of manufactured homes in several sizes that are built on-site as permanent dwellings or left on wheels to transport to new areas.

The Types of Mobile Home Insurance Offered

No matter whether a mobile home is placed on a rental lot or a homeowner’s own land, insurance is required as financial protection from disasters such as fire, floods or tornadoes. It doesn’t matter if the home is lived in year-round or as a vacation destination because insurance is needed to make repairs to a damaged home or to replace a destroyed home. Here are some of the types of American Modern manufactured home policies we offer:

• Tenant – a great option for customers who rent a mobile home
• Vacant – perfect for customers in transition
• Seasonal – needed for vacation manufactured homes
• Rental - an excellent option for mobile home parks or landlords

How Manufactured Home Insurance Provides Protection

Customers who have never purchased insurance for a manufactured home before want to know what is covered by policies. Here are a few features to choose from:

• Personal property – full cash value to replace personal items
• Liability – injury coverage for someone else
• Stated value loss settlement – financial protection
• Comprehensive – explosion, hail, lightning and other causes
• Theft – items attached to the home and personal property
• Vandalism – defacement of the mobile home
• Living expenses – until purchasing a new home
• Structure protection – fences, sheds and garages

Customers Can Also Customize Their Insurance Policies

In addition to selecting a standard American Modern manufactured home insurance policy, we make it easy to add on specialized coverage such as:

• Identity theft recovery – expense reimbursement
• Earthquake – required in several states
• Breakdown protection – for appliances, electronics and furnaces
• Builder’s risk – designed for newly purchased mobile homes
• Enhanced coverage – customized for each homeowner’s needs

American Modern has provided insurance to nearly 2 million customers throughout the United States for over 75 years. In addition, our insurance company is rated as a top performing and superior insurance provider.


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Mobile/Manufactured - What's the Difference?

These terms are one and the same. However, the government defines a manufactured home as one built after June 15, 1976.